Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

The fighter jet and the Red Kite

Late summer day. Cool breeze. Bluest of blue sky. I’m sat on the garden bench, warmed by the sun, reading a fabulous book: Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson. The local Air Force are doing practice drills above my head. They always get me excited. The power of those jets, the sound resonating through my whole system. I imagine the burn from the jets, like those I have seen on space ships taking off. I can’t help thinking about how much they are polluting the air, but I am more impressed by their power. They come in pairs, they turn, somewhere over my head and then they disappear back in the direction they came from. All the while I am reading I keep hoping I will see them, but I can’t. Then suddenly, a flash of light under a wing, so far away, but unmistakable, and I’ve found one. I follow the plane. I’m leaning right back over the bench so I can see it. I’m sure my face is horizontal. I’m loving the stretch up the front of my body. The garden birds are going nuts. Flying everywhere in the garden. Then, I see the most magnificent bird. It seems like it is half way between the plane and me. It makes me gasp. It is such a spiritually profound moment. I can’t really put my finger on why. However, I totally forgot about the plane. I just gazed in awe at the ease with which the Red Kite circled above my head. Effortless. In command of all it can see. In command of the environment it is master of and at one with. I don’t think it cares about the fighter planes. I don’t. I watch the bird for as long as it is within eyesight. I feel blessed I witnessed it’s flight.


You know the Alexander Technique is so like this. It helps me be that easy Red Kite instead of putting out all the energy of a fighter jet. You might want to have a lesson and try it out for yourself?


Jane Clappison

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

01759 307282

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