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What people have said, in feedback, about having Alexander Technique lessons/attending courses with Jane –

Email received 25/2/2018 about a 1:1 lesson
“I’d like to give u a huge thank u for my Alexander session with u last week. How such small moves, imperceptible changes can make such a difference, not just physically, but releasing something restrictive! (not sure what, but I felt good, and content! despite horrid journey getting home) And it was such an unusual, and unexpected shift in posture u picked up on for me to work on, astounding really, I cd never have come up with the rib thing myself. Big thank u Jane n hope to return soon x MG”
Email received 2/7/2017 about a 1:1 lesson
“Hi Jane,
just to thank you for my last session. I had a relatively pain free day after I had seen you and even managed to take the dog for a walk! A very rare occurrence at the moment.
Thanks again,

Finding midwinter calm with the Alexander Technique, Beverley Workshop – Saturday, 10th, December, 2016

What people said about it…

“If you think this isn’t for you (too busy), then it probably is.” Martin F

“A great introduction to the technique and in such a busy holiday time – an excellent time to practice.” Elizabeth W

“A real chance to step back from the hustle and bustle.” Amy T

“The workshop truly achieved the calm one seeks.” Jenny E

“A really useful and enjoyable afternoon, good for mind and body.” Sue F


EW & EW 1/9/16 –  I wanted to thank you for all you work and support. The birth was wonderful I laboured on my knees with my husband with me and in the water. I progressed quickly with being so low and delivered naturally despite her being in a back to back position she turned during the delivery. I used the ‘ahh’ breathing throughout refusing gas and air as it ruined my breathing pattern! Apparently I even turned the ahh into a bit of a song near the end for pushing. I met each contraction with the instructions and it kept me so relaxed and in control. So huge thanks!!

I had the most fantastic experience. I never understood when people said they enjoyed their birth experience before. I could cry thinking about how peaceful it was.  Another thing I noticed is that I didn’t ache at all after the birth because my body was so relaxed throughout. When I had my first baby I was so frightened I ached for days after from the tension. I am now using the techniques when breast feeding to check my position.

I would recommend it to everyone and will be passing on the book you recommended. I will definitely be back in touch once I’m back in the world for some more sessions!

I’ve seen my wife give birth to both of our beautiful daughters. The pain of her first labour was mitigated only by gas, air and heavier-duty forms of pain relief thrown her way; the rigours of the second, however, were barely evident to me as she breathed and chanted her way through in a state of near-calm. From my viewpoint, her two labours couldn’t have been any further apart – the first saw her shrouded by tears and expletives, thrashing around red-faced in agony; the second, using the Alexander Technique, was typified by a serene sense of purpose. She didn’t swear once.

Beverley Workshop – 4th, October, 2014 – “An informative, uplifting course that combined enjoyment with life affirming techniques” – Stacey Sutton

Are there any  comments you would like to make about Jane?

  • Jane always told me what we were going to do and checked out that this was alright if it was going to be a bit challenging.  She was always thoughtful about my feelings and personal boundaries
  • My teacher has been excellent throughout giving me the beginnings of a study/journey into relaxing my body through trying to correct my posture and mind
  • I felt Jane’s working background complemented the Alexander Technique teaching very well.  Her style of gentle approach to teaching was very warm and open.  I have enjoyed my lessons and learning through Jane – Thank you
  • Jane is a very committed teacher and that comes through with her approach.  When I found things difficult, she made appropriate changes to make it easier for me
  • Being friends we laughed and smiled – that did not take away any professionalism
  • She’s lovely
  • Jane was professional, calm, knowledgeable and didn’t get flummoxed

What was most helpful ?

  • Jane gave me the awareness that posture can be changed.  Poor posture in my case was maintained by learned habits e.g. old fashioned ideas about good posture (tummy in, shoulders back) which was actually creating poor posture for me
  • An awareness of when I had tension in a part of body that did not need to be there i.e. if a movement just involved a hand for instance to allow my neck and shoulders to be taken out of the picture.
  • Bringing awareness to my body and the patterns of “holding” that I had fallen into or learned through my life
  • Stopping before doing something

What was unhelpful ?

  • Nothing.  At first the Alexander method was difficult to use due to my needing to control my body more mentally so I could realign my posture.  Still not there as it’s not easy

What was unexpected about the lessons?

  • Realisation that we hold our bodies in learned and often unhelpful postures e.g. stomach pulled in, shoulders back.  But this can be changed.  My ideas about good posture underwent a drastic upheaval.  I had not realised Alexander Technique could be used for a variety of activities e.g. gardening, cycling
  • Didn’t expect to feel like I had had a hands on type of massage after each session.  Didn’t expect the mental aspect to have such power.  More confidence to cope.

What changes have you made in your life as a result of having lessons?

  • Try to achieve the best posture as possible when sitting.  Relax my shoulders – feels so much better.  Changed walking style slightly.  Try to bend knees instead of back
  • More conscious about the way I walk, sit, carry out everyday tasks and I try to be aware of how I am using my body when engaged in any activity.  It is starting to become automatic (almost) and has changed the way I cycle and garden for the better
  • I am beginning to ‘STOP’ before I move and am at the start of feeling my body move internally to encourage relaxation
  • Being aware of how I am holding myself, and releasing tension with the awareness.  Also taking time out most days to completely relax by lying on the floor for 20 mins with my legs raised
  • Jane did things that I found challenging but I trusted her and was able to tell her if anything was too uncomfortable and she adapted techniques for me e.g. I have hypotension (low blood pressure) and cannot stand for very long periods and can become dizzy quickly but Jane was very helpful in working round this





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