Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire


Usui Ryoho Reiki

Relax with Reiki, take time for yourself. You will remain fully clothed and be asked to lie on a treatment couch (or a position where you are comfortable). I will then place my hands non-intrusively on or near your body.

There is no massage or manipulation, Reiki is a non-invasive treatment and has no known contra-indications. I often use singing bowls, bells and crystals during the session but only if you feel comfortable with these as part of the process.

We can also talk with your body about the experiences and things that come up for you during the session using Clean Language.

We will talk together before the session about what you would like to gain from the session and you will have time to ask me questions before we start (as well as during the session if anything comes up for you).

£20 per session

Book a session via phone – 01759 307282 or the contact page

Reiki Certificate

Practices located in Pocklington.
To book a session, telephone on (01759) 307282, or use the contact form.