Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Online Alexander Technique lessons via zoom

In this digital/pandemic age, I am offering online Alexander Technique lessons via zoom. Face to face lessons are now also available.

Many people love online sessions because there’s no travel involved. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can have a video of the lesson to refer to later (please enquire about that) and you can see yourself during the lessons via the video and that can help the learning process. I will send you an email summarising the key points of the lesson, and I often point you to interesting related material between lessons.

Online lessons are different to face to face lessons because you definitely need to do regular “homework/practice” between sessions and you don’t have the advantage of hands-on work to assist you in discovering this technique.

If you would like to give it a try, find out if it is right for you, why not book a 30 minute taster lesson? : £20 

Alternatively go for a full lesson: £45 for 45 minutes. (packages/offers are also available)

The Alexander Technique needs time and practice and so I would recommend a series of lessons. I offer packages of 5 and 10 lessons which will give you great savings: Packages available.

Payment via BACS (or paypal if you are out of the UK) prior to lesson.

What you will need (see video below too):

A high-speed internet connection and a way of using a camera and microphone/speakers on your computer, or laptop to show you doing simple activities like sitting, standing and moving as well as any specialised activities you want to work on like such as playing a musical instrument, working at a computer etc.

We will need to hear each other clearly and we will need to see each other clearly (from head to foot). I will ask you to move about from time to time, so the more space you have to move, the better.

We can spend time working out the best position for your camera and sound in your first lesson. I might ask you to move your equipment around to find the best spot (if that is possible).

If you are using a tablet, it is useful to put it on a stand to easily change it’s camera viewing angle and range.  You may not need to buy one if you have something like a music stand as this works well. I would suggest you practice in advance. A stand for the equipment you use can be reasonably priced and helps you get the most from your lesson. Perhaps practice beforehand by putting your device on selfie, or record video mode and see how much is visible on screen. Experiment, and move the device around to get the best view (lighting and torso).

We can use Zoom for these online lessons. If you have a strong preference for another medium we can discuss using that, otherwise we will be using Zoom. These online platforms will be free to use for you apart from your own internet fee.


It’s very helpful to have as large a space as possible available for inclusion in the camera field so that I can see you move and do activities.

You need to be able to move close enough to chat, but also be able to step back/move back so I can see you full length (up to 2 metres away from the equipment).

It is not essential for me to see you full length, but very desirable (I will have to guess what is happening if I can’t see all of you). There’s a lot can be done just from sitting (which would be about 1-2 metres away from the equipment). I do want to be able to see you from your waist to your crown at the very least. However, if you want me to help you work on things that require standing and walking, I need to see all of you.

Not this:







But this:







And this:











Ideally the lighting should be coming from the ceiling and/or from lights or windows in front of you (thus the light will be behind the camera). Window openings behind you cause you to be in shadow (see my video).

You should be able to hear me clearly. Some people find wireless headphones very useful.

Please do a sound check, if possible, before we meet online. This is especially important if you need to use external mics, as these can cause the sound to reverberate much more than usual.


Wear light coloured clothing if you have a dark background, and dark clothing if you have a light background. The contrast helps for ease of seeing you. Comfortable clothing that you can move in, is preferable.

Video to help you set the scene and lighting

Contact me or phone me to book a lesson – 01759 307282

Practices located in Pocklington.
To book a session, telephone on (01759) 307282, or use the contact form.