Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task – William James

Writing my notes, late afternoon, low sun beaming into the clinic room, I noticed a brilliant star of light radiating from a glass on the window ledge. I marvelled at how beautiful it was. I appreciated how being in the moment, being present, via the Alexander Technique, gave me this gift.

A client recently told me how AT had helped them enjoy being in the moment, laying on the sofa, feeling ill, content, in awe at the amazing colours of their Christmas cards. These “present presents” are what I want to give to you!

Back to uncompleted tasks which in this case is my January 2018 newsletter and it’s blog which is now weighing heavily on my mind. This month, I have written loads of virtual blogs, and made many virtual videos but they have not yet made it into reality. I have been procrastinating!

  • What pearls of wisdom can I offer you in the form of a blog?
  • What would you want to know, that would be useful to know, that I can offer without us meeting face to face?
  • What might entice you to want to know more about the Alexander Technique?
  • Or if we have met before, what would encourage you into knowing more?

At the age of 13 I started working in the family antique clocks & jewellery business and continued there until I was 29. Back then we just had to show up at the shop although my Dad and Grandmother could sell ice to Eskimo’s, me not so much. There wasn’t the competition there is now. We didn’t need to think about advertising and internets. Blogs and online social media didn’t exist. The foot fall on the high street was sufficient to keep us in business. That, and lots of customer satisfaction and word of mouth. I helped customer satisfaction by expertly un-knotting chains and putting puzzle rings together for free!

Skip forward to my 60th year and the world, including advertising, has changed drastically and I am self-employed again and want to promote what I do. I don’t have a shop on the high street and mostly work from my clinic at home. There are many therapeutic approaches available so I want to help you choose the right one for you.

  • How do you decide if Alexander Technique lessons are worth spending your hard earned cash on?
  • ¬†How do you get to know me, to trust me, if you have never met me before?
  • How do you find the path to my door? How do I make this so interesting you keep coming back?
  • What’s the equivalent of a chain without knots and a puzzle ring you can put on your finger?

Sillhouette of people being helped up a hill

So, I wonder if you could help me? Please would you consider…

a) filling in a short questionnaire,

which should take no more than 2 minutes, about what you want to know about via my blogs/the newsletter HERE ?


b) write a review…




about your experiences with me. You can do that via…

  • Google,
  • facebook,
  • email me with a comment that you would be happy for me to use in advertising?
  • Interview – I ask you a few questions over a cuppa. This takes up to an hour and can help your learning process of the technique. We can meet “virtually” too via skype or phone if face to face isn’t possible.

I look forward to your replies to set me up for blogs in 2018,

Best wishes,


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