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Jam-packed website on all things to do with The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique – a super 20 minute video

Super short video on the Alexander Technique by Brett Hershey (Alexander Technique Teacher)

Video on The Alexander Technique by Judith Stern (Alexander Technique Teacher)

Video on The Alexander Technique by Mark Josefsberg

All research related to The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique benefits people with persistent pain

NHS page on The Alexander Technique

Edzard Ernst – Critically evaluates all things “complementary” – and said this in a blog…  – The evidence for FM has become substantially more promising since we last looked at it systematically. The indication for which the evidence is most convincing is the improvement of elderly people’s balance. Considering that FM is virtually risk-free and inexpensive, I feel that it is one of the rare alternative therapy that could be integrated into clinical routine (for this particular indication).

Link to Julia Woodman’s page on Alexander Technique Research

Back Care Article on Chronic pain/emotions/Alexander Technique




Jane Clappison, instructions and audio track

Imogen Ragone, 30 day constructive rest challenge

Carolyn Nicholls – audio tracks

My facebook page for active rest



How Jeremy Irons used The Alexander Technique in an acting role



Pain relief through Alexander technique for musicians

Alexander Technique research 2015 – Alexander Technique eases chronic neck pain

The Alexander Technique and Chronic  Neck Pain

Alexander Technique benefits people with persistent pain

Alexander Technique and back pain – British Medical Journal – article and video

A “dramatic cure for back pain” –





For Dentists!

Aniko Ball’s website



Ron Murdoch teaching “The Whispered Ah”



A lesson on “inhibition” given by Tina Velter to a group of children…worth a watch…and trying it out yourself!



Interesting article on fascia which highly recommends The Alexander Technique:-



The Alexander Technique helps poise and balance in older people – check this out here:-

People with Parkinsons


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