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Reduce eye strain with the Alexander Technique? Jane’s May 2020 Alexander Technique Project

Reduce eye strain:
Jane’s May 2020 AT Project

My May 2020 project  is on the use of screens in relation to how I use my eyes.

Here’s what I have been exploring:

  • intensely looking at the screen,
  • allowing the subject matter to come to me,
  • noticing what’s behind the person or the thing I am looking at and what is behind me. Being aware of the space between my back and the back of what I am looking at,
  • looking at what’s around the screen, what’s behind it, what’s to the side of it. Changing my focus from what is on the screen to what is around it,
  • flipping from one to the other.

The reason I have been doing all of that is to find out what is more comfortable to sustain and what works best for me. I think it is a little bit of a combination of everything excluding intensely staring.

So, you might want to explore these ways of looking (at an ipad, screen, phone etc) with me right now? Join in with me via the youtube video below? (at 1 min 50 secs)


  • Start by noticing the present moment: sights, sounds, sensations, smells and what state you are in generally. Invite ease into your body
  • Then stare intensely at something eg a computer/ipad/phone screen. My eyes feel uncomfortable when I do that, and my body feels like it is fizzing – what happens to you?
  • Release the stare. Soften your eye muscles
  • Let what is on the screen come to you. Instantly I feel less fizz when I allow the sights to come to me. Other parts of me release too. Sights are coming to you. What do you notice?
  • Then, thinking “My back and your back. What is behind you, what is behind me?” My eyes soften more by doing that. I rather like that one! What happens to you?
  • Then, notice what is around the screen: beyond it, either side of it. (I can feel further ease coming into my system when I do that)
  • Explore the possibility of going back to your eyes resting on the screen, allowing the sights to come to you, with a sense of wider awareness as well

You might like to give all of those a go? Find out what feels best for you. Try a few at the same time. What works for you? Experiment? Have fun!

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