Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Alexander Technique Week


Individual 30 minute lessons for £10 on Tuesday 15th October (contact me or phone me on 01759 307282 to book a lesson)

Workshop on Monday 14th October. 2.30 to 3.30. £5. Contact me or phone me on 01759 307282 to book a place. Details on poster below:



I am offering 5 x 30 minute Semi-Supine Alexander Technique sessions for £10 each (one per person). All proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Society. Dates these can be booked are 9th, 10th & 11th October. (All appointments now booked). Please phone to book – 01759 307282 or use the contact page.


I am offering two things this year – 1. 7 free 1:1 Alexander technique lessons (one lesson per person) for people who play the harp. Contact me for details.

2. 7 free Alexander Technique video’s (accessed via Facebook) from 9th to 15th October, 2017

lying down in active rest position

lying down in active rest position

These videos can be accessed via a closed Facebook group (anyone can see the name of the page and who is a member but they will have to join to see what is posted on the page). Anyone is welcome to join the page but you will have 3 simple questions to answer when you ask to join up. These are there to include people who are interested, although you probably are already. I will be posting a fairly informal short daily video around the topic of “Active Rest” for the International Alexander Awareness week 2017, from Monday 9th to Sunday 15th. There will be opportunity to ask questions of me and the group via the Facebook page and share experiences/interact with other members.

Thumbnail from video

Thumbnail from video

My intention is to offer the members of the group an opportunity to take time out to rest and, using the Alexander Technique, invite ease in the body. Often people feel rested and rejuvenated after doing active rest.

No experience of the Alexander Technique needed but you will need to be a member of Facebook.

You can access the page using this URL




Using smart phone/Alexander Technique lesson10th-16th, October, 2016. Come and experience a 30 minutes lesson, on the topic of posture & using mobile phones! £10 only. All proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Society. Appointments available on 11th, 13th or 14th October in Wilberfoss. Limited places so it is essential to book. Ring me for an appointment – 01759 307282

Check out this video for some tips on using a mobile phone…




12th-18th, October, 2015 – Come and experience a taster Alexander Technique lesson for £5. All proceeds to the Alzheimers Society. Appointments available on Wednesday the 14th October in the afternoon & evening in Wilberfoss. Limited places so it is essential to book. Ring me for an appointment – 01759 307282

International Alexander Awareness Week Poster 2015


Come and experience semi-supine/discover how you can manage stress with the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE – Wilberfoss – Saturday 11th October.  Appointments every half hour from 9.30 to 11.30.  £5 per session.  All proceeds divided between the F. Matthias Alexander Trust and the Alzheimers Society. Ring me for an appointment – 01759 307282

IAAW poster for 2014 - Person laying in Semi Supine - "managing stress"


For the International Alexander Awareness Week this year I wrote an article for a local magazine, “out and about the wolds” – a slightly amended version of this article can be found on my blog page entitled “A footballer’s wife, a fish, a nonagenarian and Fred”.

Also, in 2013 I did a window display at The Wellbeing Centre in Market Weighton where I had a clinic.

Window Display for IAAW 2013

I also

  • held a quiz (based on the window display) for a draw for a free Alexander lesson.  Two winners were drawn and informed!
  • gave a 25% discount on lessons during IAAW 2013.





Practices located in Pocklington.
To book a session, telephone on (01759) 307282, or use the contact form.