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Have a slump!

“Have a slump” was something that Marjorie Barstow (an Alexander technique teacher trained by FM Alexander) used to advise her pupils did during her classes.
Sometimes we try too hard to “sit upright” and end up over using our back muscles to the point where they hurt. We think we are doing the right thing, but we are “doing”, and sitting does not need to be effortfull.
So…if you are sitting, stop everything. Don’t slump just yet. Don’t try to do anything. Just notice your body, notice your surroundings, and then let your body release into a slump! It might feel uncomfortable. It might be exactly what you do all the time. If it is, release into your slump! It might feel quite a relief! Do nothing except enjoy being in this position, breathing, noticing what is around you. Then…with the thought of flow through your neck, gradually allow your crown to move away from your feet, to move upwards, maybe just a couple of inches. Stop again, and release any tension that you notice has happened by doing that. Then repeat the process, little by little. If you notice your back muscles beginning to “do” then invite them to soften. Stop at a point that doesn’t feel effortful and doesn’t feel like you are having to do anything to be there. It might feel like you are not in a military upright position. However, your spine is designed for sitting to be easy and free from effort. You may also be aware of your sitting bones in this position. Let me know what happens if you have the occasional slump?

Jane Clappison

Alexander Technique Teacher

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Photo by Paolo Frigoli, Alexander Technique teacher

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