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  • Click the link to go to my page on how to do Semi supine/Active rest
  • What we know is that the brain is the organ of the body that plays a big role in how we experience pain. We also know that it receives lots of messages from the body all of the time and it has to process/make sense of these messages. If the brain concludes that we (it’s ship) is in danger, then it will (amongst other things) do what it can to get us out of danger. One way is for us to feel pain. I am NOT for one second saying that pain is in the mind only. Pain is felt on many levels. However, the brain decides whether we feel pain or not (unless we are one of those unlucky people who do not feel pain and they have problems all of their own). So the brain can be our greatest ally in getting us out of danger but also in helping to reduce pain! We need to work with it!  It might be the pain we feel is because we have a burst appendix, or a broken leg and need to do something immediately to avoid further problems. However for about one third of people who have pain it is not a sign of danger yet is a real nuisance! This kind of pain is called persistent or chronic pain.
  • A great you tube video on persistent pain can be found:-


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