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Doing Nothing (Non-doing) and the Alexander Technique

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  • Non-doing is effortless, has flow, feels timeless and has unexpected benefits.
  • Non doing helps with managing my thoughts and emotions and brings calm and peace.
  • Non doing helps with priorities and acceptance of things as they are.
  • Through non doing life is enriched and I feel at peace with myself.
  • In non-doing mode I feel grateful for life, it is blissful.
  • Via non-doing I achieve moments of presence where I feel connected with everything.

For a couple of years I was searching for a clear focus and purpose. A North Star. I had always had one but, nothing inspired me. Instead, I found myself in a blissful state of finding pleasure in doing nothing. At times I needed nothing more than to watch the shadows of butterflies on my patio. Even though I found immense happiness in the present moment I still thought I needed to have a North Star.

I researched “doing nothing” and found there aren’t many books or websites on it. I got excited enough to think I might write a book on that very subject. Who knows, I still might, but right now I am working out how to do nothing, after a lifetime of pushing myself out of fear to keep doing more, more, more. In the process I have discovered my North Star is here and now in present moment practice. In non-doing.

Admittedly there’s a catch. It is a¬†practice: rinse and repeat. I do leave the present moment often. I regularly discover I am yet again daydreaming or on autopilot, or completely oblivious, like when I walk into a room and cannot remember why I am there, or go to brush my teeth but discover the toothbrush is wet and my mouth tastes of mint. I bet you do similar things?

Yet, there’s a strong desire to be present and that desire regularly draws my attention back to non doing.

I have found it helps to have a teacher or a reminder. I thought I might offer you a way of having that, via a monthly email with a focus on doing nothing and also the Alexander Technique. I will share what my current focus is, what works for me, what trips me up, it might help you if you are interested in non-doing and being present too?

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