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Calm is where you make space for it (even if you feel life is completely upside down)

As you know I write a blog a couple of times a month.

The first blog this month was a project on “knees” and the Alexander Technique.

It has been very difficult to find the appropriate words for the second one of the month. So I did a video and wrote some of my thoughts around why I did a video:

I can’t say it will be alright due to the coronavirus. I can’t say I am coping amazingly well despite all my expertise of relaxation, meditation, Alexander Technique and so on.

What I can say is that I have been anxious, distressed, frightened, calm, peaceful, happy and every other emotion possible. It feels my life was thrown up in the air like confetti and it’s falling down around me. I’m watching it land. Some bits are blowing away. Some bits I have already picked up again and hold close. Some bits I hope I find even though they are out of sight.

I’ve been pacing the house but also having fun dancing the quickstep up and down the hall to Ruby, don’t take your love to town  a piece of music by Kenny Rogers (who recently died).

We’ve been playing: my husband is going bald, we slung my excess of hair over his face to see what he might look like with more hair again. I should have taken a pic! You had to be there though! It broke the tension. What will we all look like with home hair do’s in a few months I wonder?

I’ve done more gardening and progressed our quest to grow vegetables. We have farmyard manure in place and seeds on the way.

I am absolutely exhausted by the deluge of virus-related emails and online information and so grateful for earth under my fingernails and dog walks. I have been all over the place in other words, and probably drinking a bit more wine than usual!

What I can also say is that I do have practices that settle me and calm me.

It’s less than 5 minutes and I hope it brings calm to you, despite the busy wallpaper!

There are LOTS of Alexander Technique teachers offering daily and weekly practices to keep you going (on Facebook) and I am posting their links on my Facebook business page. I would like to put similar things in place. But at present I am still finding my feet in these challenging times.

I am offering online Alexander Technique lessons and have been working hard in order to make these happen and provide you with a good service. If money is an issue for you now, and would be a barrier to you having lessons I have some thoughts about that and would ask you to contact me and discuss it.

Why not contact me to book a session? You will need a means of seeing and hearing me, and I will need to see and hear you online. A minimum of a microphone and a camera, but it could be on all sorts of equipment such as a tablet, laptop or PC. I’ve a page and a video to help you work out what you might need for best effect. 

If you need help and support with your own Alexander Technique practice but cannot access online lessons, do get in touch as we can work something out for sure.

Jane Clappison, Grad Dip Phys

Alexander Technique Teacher

01759 307282

2 Comments  to  Calm is where you make space for it (even if you feel life is completely upside down)

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Jane

    Nature certainly has thrown us all a curve ball and knocked us off our perch.

    Alexander’s principles are helping ground me, i’ve been a pupil for many years. I laughed at you dancing the quickstep to Kenny Rodgers – I was playing his songs while driving on Friday, it cheered me up no end singing along with him.

    Thanks for taking the time to write your blog, I enjoy reading them.

    Stay safe, take care.

    • janec says:

      Thank you so much for your message and kind words. It was very supportive. May you stay safe, Jane