Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Birthday presents & doing less with the Alexander Technique

Pandemic focus purchasing: Order completed over the phone. Smart walk into town, mask on, quick flash of my card to buy the flowers and a swift hand over of two huge bouquets.

I hadn’t expected them to be so big.

After about 5 minutes of brisk walking I realised I needed to carry these bouquets for at least another 10-15 minutes and I predicted my arms would probably ache. I was tightly gripping them in front of me, elbows at 90 degrees. I had hoped to put them in a large carrier bag I had brought with me. They were far too big to fit into it. I remembered I had studied the Alexander Technique for over 30 years and smiled.

What if these bouquets were actually two huge balloons and they weighed nothing, in fact they were holding my arms up? Immediately I let go of the strangled grip I had on all the flower stems. My hands felt so much better! My wrists and arms released, my neck and jaw released. I looked around me as I walked. I had a spring in my step. I enjoyed the mass of colour in those bouquets in front of me. I revelled in the late autumn air. The walk was a pleasure.

My two friends loved their socially distanced bouquet delivery.

Next time you are carrying shopping just check in and see if you are carrying it like it weighs a ton, or that you have a huge task ahead of you. Entertain the possibility that the shopping is as light as air. Allow the part of you that knows how to do things with much less effort to do the job. Stand back as that part effortlessly takes over and enjoy the present moment.

If you would like to explore the Alexander Technique a bit further. Book a session. Currently online during the pandemic.

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