Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Active rest/Semi-supine – Benefits

Active rest:

  • Influences
    • Muscles and joints – conscious control/releasing/thinking reduces unnecessary/habitual tension patterns
    • Digestion – the relaxation influence on nerves normalises the activity of the gut and gives an opportunity for the abdominal muscles to release and provide space for gut
    • Breathing
  • Can increase energy levels and ease, and alleviate pain and discomfort by allowing:
    • complete rest of the body
    • a decrease in muscular effort and excess tension
    • fluid to be imbibed (absorbed) into intervertebral discs
  • Facilitates heightened self-awareness, specifically:
    • Improves kinaesthetic awareness (awareness of the position of your body in space) as a result of giving directions (invitations to your body to release)
    • Facilitates awareness of the relationship between the head, neck and back
      • Facilitates awareness of how body and mind are not separate
      • Provides an opportunity to notice and reduce unhelpful habitual thought patterns/mental chatter via the use of stop and the mindful approach of using conscious thought (i.e. directions) to release excess tension
  • Facilitates/speeds up your learning process of The Alexander Technique via improved kinaesthetic awareness
  • Helps you to re-train your thinking to gain conscious control of how you use yourself by providing an opportunity for quiet self-observation
  • Can be an effective stress management tool and can induce calm (before and after a stressful event) as it provides a stop and a release
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