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Alexander Technique


I am totally curious about the human body and I hope you are too. I enjoy moving! I have worked with so many people where pain and discomfort make that almost impossible. I am curious about how those things happen. I am curious about the effect that my habits, emotions and thoughts have on my body. Actually I believe mind and body are inseperable and I can change my body (posture, muscle tension and even pain) through changing the way I think.

Getting interested in how I think and move has kept me willing to learn about The Alexander Technique (and other therapies) for over 25 years! Are you curious about exploring your own habits, and the way you move and think as a human, so you can bring much more ease and enjoyment to whatever you do? I can teach you the steps to learning the Alexander Technique and help you explore  how what you do and think positively influences your experience of being in a body. 

Mind map - elements of Alexander Technique

The benefits of learning the Alexander Technique from a STAT qualified Alexander Technique Teacher (in Beverley, East Yorkshire, Hull, Humberside and The Wolds) are many fold;

You can –

  • Reduce (and abolish) unnecessary pain and discomfort
  • Reduce effort and move with ease
  • Reduce the experience of feeling you have no time in the day and learn to chose how to be more focussed with less strain
  • Reduce the effects of anxiety and improve technique to calmly, effortlessly, perform in your particular field (music, acting, dancing, any stage-related performance)
  • Improve balance & co-ordination
  • An extensive study found that the  Alexander Technique is also beneficial for back pain.

Benefits of Alexander Technique diagram

Over a course of lessons (20 to 30 are recommended but you may notice benefits after your first lesson) you will experience greater ease of movement, improved posture, less tension (and pain), improved wellbeing and learn techniques to balance body and mind.


I support my clients during this process of change, in which they explore their own co-ordination and experience of the world, which brings about change in themselves (and in other’s perception of them) as it involves discovering an inner calm, peace and quiet confidence.

Alexander Technique lessons are mostly taught on a 1:1, with teacher and pupil, although it is occasionally taught in groups.  The pupil learns tools for both the mind and body, so the technique is for the whole person.  During a lesson the teacher use skills they have taken 3 years (full time) to develop and use their hands to guide the pupil through everyday tasks such as sitting, standing and walking whilst applying the Technique.

I  give  workshops on the Alexander Technique at various venues in East Yorkshire, Humberside and The Wolds.  Please contact me to attend one of these sessions.

FREE copy of Understanding the Alexander Technique: Joan Diamond when you book a course of lessons (one book per person). Contact me to book lessons.



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