Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

Alexander Technique


Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire


When I first found out about the Alexander Technique I thought it was something to do with being more upright as I listened to a dancer tell me he was taller after having lessons. When I finally had lessons, about 15 years later (yes, people frequently wait that long after hearing about the Alexander Technique before they have lessons themselves), I was amazed that it influenced my mood. I was calmer. My senses were heightened too. I loved those post lesson feelings. I floated down the street, into town and my favourite cafe, effortlessly. Lunch immediately after a session tasted so much better. I found myself awakened to what was going on around me, sitting and moving with ease on the chair, whilst I ate. The reason I sensed all that is because applying the Alexander Technique in everyday life does that. Back then, it was so different to my usual habit. It felt amazing. Over time, practice, and regular lessons, this happened in between lessons.

Training to teach brought another level of awareness and I enjoyed the amazement of being part of my environment. Of course that’s obvious in an intellectual way but this was in a wonderfully sensually connected way. Despite years of body work, mindful approaches and so on, the technique took me much further into the present moment.

I became much more accepting of getting things wrong and realised that’s the way we all learn. Through regularly getting things wrong. Those moments are so interesting.

The benefits of Alexander Technique for me is now morphing into further levels of being in the present moment, calmer, accepting and more comfortable with myself and thus those around me. I am so much more aware of how I am part of the whole.

Probably the best benefit yet is around my tendency to say “yes” . I didn’t realise I was a yes person. I said “yes” to almost everything. It regularly came at a cost and I often crashed. I spent ages being ill and then I resurfaced. I know the Alexander Technique is supporting me to say “no” much more often. To listen to myself and honour when I feel tired and am on the verge of doing too much and say “no” to that and yes to rest and repose. It’s ongoing.

So, the technique helped me:

  • Feel calmer
  • Move freely and easily with poise
  • Heighten my senses
  • Feel more connected with myself and the world
  • Access the present moment
  • Accept and be more comfortable in myself and with others around me
  • Say no and look after myself

How it might help with your particular issue is not guaranteed (as with almost all health and wellness related interventions). What it might do for you is not a given but I’m sure you are here because you want to find out more about it. You may have known about it for years and something is pushing you to explore it more. I am sure you will discover many unexpected benefits as well as it helping with your main reason for having lessons.

I know the path to how it helped me. I can teach you that path. It involves the points in the mind map at the bottom of this page. It is a process and you can stop off when you want though it needs commitment and regular practice to achieve something meaningful that becomes part of your daily life.

What the research shows it can do for you is:Benefits of Alexander Technique diagram

  • Improve poise and posture
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve balance and co-ordination
  • Improve confidence and self-efficacy
  • Enhance performance
  • Bring about calm
  • Improve breathing

My clients have their own unique story and problems they want support with. It is a joy to work with people and support them on that journey. We will work together as you learn the technique. The process involves 20-30 individual lessons. This involves a financial commitment to learning a life skill. Investing in your wellbeing. You will likely notice benefits from your very first lesson. You may like to try an introductory session to see if it’s for you? Phone me on 01759 307282 or use my contact page.

I am a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher in Pocklington, East Yorkshire





Mind map - elements of Alexander Technique

Mind map – elements of Alexander Technique

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