Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

About me

D Jane Clappison MSTAT

I am an Alexander Technique Teacher (qualified 2013), Physiotherapist (retired) (qualified 1991), and  CranioSacral Therapist (retired) (1998) 

Human being first, teacher and therapist later…woman, harp player, dancer, ex runner, meditator, labyrinth walker, spiritual, navel-gazer, wife/lover, doting dog owner, auntie, daughter, sister, friend, artist for pleasure, reader, singer, wine drinker, chocolate lover, brownie maker (former dance and keep fit teacher, jeweller, aromatherapist, bell ringer, motorcyclist, doula etc) in between!

In terms of credibility to do the work…I have a broad wealth of knowledge (and qualifications) gained from working in both the NHS and private practice, pain management, mental health, and teaching dance and exercise.

I particularly enjoy working with people who want to (re)discover the joy of living, playing and find meaning in life.

My most recent hobby is harp playing and so I also enjoy working with all instrumentalists!

Having retired from the NHS I also keenly understand the issues around people who are about to retire/retiring or retired!

I was drawn to body techniques and therapies at an early age originally finding dance as my way of expressing feelings that otherwise had no easy means of being explored.  Twirling and leaping around my parents living room to classical music such as Debussy and Rachmaninov.  I knew this non-verbal world was essential to both my physical and mental health.

I am totally curious about the human body and I hope you are too. I enjoy moving!  I think movement needs to be joyful and playful, though it has a serious side too. I have worked with so many people where pain and discomfort make that almost impossible. I am curious about how those things happen. I am curious about the effect that my habits, emotions, thoughts, experiences and environment have on my body. Actually I believe mind and body are inseparable and I can change my body (posture, muscle tension and even pain) through changing the way I think.

I discovered a wonderful teacher, Gentian Rahtz, who taught me The Alexander Technique where aspects of my “self” became integrated in the process of becoming a fully awake, fully present human being (some of the time!) I later had other wonderful teachers such as Lena Schibel-Mason who supported me to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

Becoming an Alexander Technique teacher, continuing to dance, live life and explore other therapies, including talking therapies also played a part in my journey.  This is not a complete process but a lifelong experience and is more frequently  blissful with moments of extreme challenge.

I have attended many postgraduate courses, such as Clinical Aromatherapy, Acupuncture (within my Chartered Physiotherapy practice),  Reiki, Clean Language, the Listening space and writing courses and regularly update my skills.

I am a member of the Health Professions Council and The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. I am a graduate of the York Alexander Technique School, now called York Alexander Technique Centre.

Practices located in Pocklington.
To book a session, telephone on (01759) 307282, or use the contact form.