Alexander Technique in East Yorkshire

About Jane Clappison


Alexander Technique Teacher (qualified 2013)


CranioSacral Therapist and Physiotherapist (retired) 


Human being first,  teacher and therapist later…dancer,  doting dog owner,  crafter,  meditator,  harp player,  labyrinth walker,  wife/lover,  auntie, daughter,  sister,  friend,  artist for pleasure,  reader,  singer,  writer,  t’ai-chi fan,  white wine drinker,  brownie maker. Former dance and keep fit teacher, jeweller, aromatherapist, bell ringer, motorcyclist, doula etc!  I fiercely support all things that help support the planet and life on it.


I am totally curious about the human body and I love to move! I also love to explore and learn. I have done since I was a very young child.

Dancing was my saviour. Movement lifts my spirits.

Many of my hobbies are movement based. Sometimes hard work and very serious, but often joyful and playful. When it is restricted in any way it changes me.

I understand, now, that my early years of dancing were a means to express emotions that were denied by my family and also my reaction to the family rules around me. There was a lot of criticism, shaming and shunning. In particular I was shunned if I expressed anger and I did not learn to integrate it effectively and it became a problem for me. I felt it, but I had to suppress it, and thus it came out explosively. In my late teenage years it influenced my desire to explore meditation and have psychotherapy and learn to be calm. I have been pursuing ways to bring my thoughts into the present moment and manage overwhelm and feelings of not being enough, ever since.

However, it wasn’t until I started learning the Alexander Technique that I learned how to manage my whole self (mood, emotions, posture, pain, muscle tension etc). Mind and body are inseparable and we can change our body  through changing the way we think and vice versa, and the Alexander Technique allows that. I understand from a lived experience as well as through study and my work how true that is. The past is in the body-mind.

I discovered a wonderful teacher, about 35 years ago now, Gentian Rahtz, who taught me The Alexander Technique where aspects of my “self” became integrated in the process of becoming a fully awake, fully present human being (some of the time!) I believe I began to heal from the trauma of childhood through that process. I later had other wonderful teachers including Lena Schibel-Mason  and Alex Farkas who supported me to become an Alexander Technique teacher.

In terms of credibility to do this work…I have been studying the Alexander Technique for a long time. I have a broad wealth of knowledge (and qualifications) gained from working in both the NHS and private practice, pain management, mental health, and teaching dance and exercise. I have studied how to listen, to communicate, to hear people on many levels, to allow people to find their authentic self and live from there.

I have attended many postgraduate courses, such as Bruce Fertman’s Grace of Sense, Clinical Aromatherapy, Acupuncture (within my Chartered Physiotherapy practice),  Reiki, Clean Language, the Listening space and writing courses. I love learning and continue to keep abreast of the latest research and constantly challenge myself to explore and learn about to my work.

Becoming an Alexander Technique teacher, continuing to dance, live life and learn, including talking therapies, played a part in my journey.  This is not a complete process but a lifelong experience and is more frequently blissful with the moments of extreme challenge that are part of being human.

I also qualified as a CranioSacral Therapist with the Upledger institute, gaining my Techniques Certificate in 2007.

I look forward to working with my clients. We learn so much from each other. It’s challenging and humbling and the space we create together opens up the possibility for support, acceptance, safety, and exploration of the technique and it’s unique effect. Perhaps we might work together?

I am a graduate of the York Alexander Technique School, now called York Alexander Technique Centre.

Practices located in Pocklington.
To book a session, telephone on (01759) 307282, or use the contact form.